Funny Little Comics, 2009-2010

This is a selection of my earliest comics, back when I tried (unsuccessfully) to post a daily webcomic.

Banh Mi

Banh MiGravity


Bebber Tells It Like It Is

Bebber is my brutally honest baby sister.
bebber tells it like it is

Stankface Buddha feat. VyVy Wonder

A would-be record cover for the fictional album featuring my friend Chuck’s extraordinary bass-playing and my mediocre freestyle rappingStankface Buddha and VyVy Wonder-01History Makes My Soul Ache

history makes my soul ache

My Friends


Prayers for Japan

Prayers for Japan

Long Distance

constant state


girlfriend vyvy-01

Menstruation Frustration

menstruation vyvy


pretzels vyvy

Salutations Bobcat

A parody of Hello Kittysalutations bobcat and friends-01

Trix Are For Kidstrix rabbit vyvySoulache Banners

For a while, when I felt I was entering a new chapter of my life, I would create a new graphic that I would post as the header on my personal blog. In retrospect I like how they served as a sort of journal.

Winter 2009

about vv wonder

Summer 2009

summer 2009

Summer 2010Summer Adventure 2010

Spring 2011


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