A collection of longer-form comics. For strips, gags, and little doodles, see my Doodles, etc. page!

A comic on infertility and baldness that was originally published in The Los Angeles Times!
Inheritance, a comic about Vietnamese language and refugee identity, originally published at The Offing.
All the Forgetting (originally published at The Rumpus)
Serenity, a comic I made on Valentine’s Day
Left & Right: a political cartoon
THE ATTENDING ANECDOTES: a sribbly, scraggly diary comic about my first independent hospital shift as an attending
The Fertility Fables: A Comic about Reproduction!
soft-bellied critters, a comic celebrating bisexuality
A comic about MY BODY!
My Explosive Experience at San Jose Pride
Breadcrumbs: A Story of First Love
Wild Things People with More Power Than Me Said to Me When I Was a Resident
Lumos: A Comic Tribute to Dr. Asrat
One Time: the book I made to propose to my partner, Paul. (He said yes).
Leilani & the Wonderful, Whimsical, Well-Aimed, Very Good Poop